Local 3 United Storeworkers RWDSU

Our Health Care

February 1, 2010

The prolonged battle over health care reform staged by the U.S. Congress foretold the problems that can come from innocent intention. President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lead the battle to legislate health care improvements for all Americans. They were met by strong resistance from paid supporters of the Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries. These industries have accrued unconscionable profits, and want to protect their interests even if it is on the backs of every American.

The changes in the health care program provided for Local 3 members by contractual agreement with Bloomingdale's were revised effective Iast September lst. Local 3 members now pay 48% of the weekly premium charged by the insurance company. In accordance with the union contract, the other 52% is paid from the 9% due to the Storeworkers Security Plan.

The SWSP Board of Trustees voted to initiate a very special feature for Local 3 members who transferred from the SWSP benefit plan. During the Iife of this union contract each member who transferred from the SWSP will be eligible to receive up to $600 towards the deductible that is mandated by all of the CIGNA plans.

Twenty Local 3 members have already received checks of up to $600 for this benefit. Checks were sent to them directly to pay for health services not fully covered by the plan they chose.

Included in the contractual agreement is the establishing of an ombudsman committee to assist Local 3 members navigate the CIGNA programs. Local 3 Secretary-Treasurer, Cassandra A. Berrocal has been designated Chief Ombudsman and will work with SWSP Manager, Edwin Ortiz and Local 3 Recorder Shaun Kavanagh.