Local 3 United Storeworkers RWDSU

Negotiations Update

April 29, 2012

Update letter, 4-29-2012

To all RWDSU Local 3 members:

Once again Mr. Mast and his team are working hard to provide more propaganda letters. We have lost count is it four or five, well it doesn’t matter except that once again it is incorrect and misleading.

Mr. Mast and his team are spreading unnecessary fear among the Union members and misinforming everyone about internal Union matters that he has no understanding about. Let us once again correct a few of his misunderstandings.

1) The Union does NOT put anyone on strike. Only by a vote of YOU the Union membership can a strike actually take place. It is the Union’s responsibility to recommend a course of action based on what the proposed contract will contain once it is negotiated. The final decision is up to you the membership.

2) The Union has not given information about a strike because the membership has NOT voted for one.

3) The Company managers are going around the store trying to scare the Union members with talk and threats about a strike in an effort to undermine your negotiation committee. Please remember to ask to have a Union steward present anytime a manager begins to talk about internal Union matters.

4) Please remember your Local 3 negotiation committee is fighting for those items that the membership asked the Union to fight for during the contract proposal meetings, which are all posted online:
A) Better Wages
B) Saving the Storeworkers Security Plan for the membership benefits that it provides.
C) Better Paid sick days from the Storeworkers Security Plan.
D) More affordable Medical Coverage through the Storeworkers Security Plan.
E) Fairness in the work place
F) Changes in how the Company’s return policy affects salespersons
G) Night shift premium
H) Elimination of the ADR system

There are many other things as well. Don’t buy into the Company’s propaganda campaign; just take it for what it is, The Company’s fear and intimidation effort to undermine your negotiation committee. Remember, it is because your Local 3 negotiation committee is standing strong together that generates these attacks by Mr. Mast and his propaganda team. Mr. Mast who has not bothered to attend a single negotiation session and yet is now somehow magically an expert on internal Union matters. Let your manager know when he/she comes around to spread their propaganda that you stand with the Union in fighting for a fair contract for all of the hard work that the employees do for the Company.

Please, remember to attend the Union meeting on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 at All Saints Church on 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue at 4:30 or 6:30pm, where we will be holding a Contract Ratification and/or STRIKE AUTHORIZATION VOTE, and where you the members of this Union will decide if we accept or reject the Company’s final offer once the negotiations between RWDSU Local 3 and Bloomingdales have been concluded sometime between now and April 30th, 11.59 p.m., 2012.

Yours in Solidarity,

Local 3 RWDSU Negotiation Committee

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