Local 3 United Storeworkers RWDSU

Holiday Open House

December 1, 2014

Holiday Open House

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Our Lady of Peace Church Hall
237 E. 62nd Street
(Between 2nd and 3rd Aves.)

Your In-Store Union Network

John Mancuso X 3586
Antonina Razza-Callender X 2424
Joseph Szarka X 2336/7
Murat Sokmen X 2262/63
Brenda Moses X 2161/2435
Jack Rojas X 3340
Chandler Taylor X 3259(night sch)
James Eisenberg X 3523
Kathleen Houser X 2866/2809

Pedro Robles X 2984/2987
Ramses Estrada X 2024
Nilsa Santana X 2961/3985
Keith Drayton X 3012
Clarence Prester X3182/2760
Thaddeus Green X2662/2957
Carlos McMasters X 2161 (night sch)
Eugene Thompson X 3024 (night sch)
Vincent Stephens X 3397
Willie Rouse X 2155/2040
John Thomas X 3204
George Riley X 2576/2209
Averille Huggins X 3085
Chrisendat Johnie X 3011/2897
Mark Spellman X 3709
Gerald Young X 2989 (night sch)

Anna Dixon X 2760
Ellomise Patterson X2760/2753
Tammy Roberts X 3148/3039
Rickford Layne X 2249/3033
Robert Lintner X2932
Juanita Levy X 2674/3308
Mario Melendez X 2251
Anna Venditti X 2970/2973
Dan Shaughnessey X 2576
Betty Lloyd X 3853/2760
Ethel Sorrell X 2248/2265
Charisse Thomas X3567
James R. Deszighethy X 2358

Joseph Boria X 3317
Franklin Gonzalez X 2705
Frank Malcangi X 3420/19

Ernestine Evans X 5618 (919 Bldg)
Beverly Smith X 3340
Charmaine Walcott X 2193

Marion Rhodes X 2898/2862
Mary Smith X 2161

Steward Training
The Union’s campaign to build union strength has resulted in a drive to provide additional training for all Local 3 Stewards. Beginning early this year, Local 3 Stewards and Executive Board Members have participated in training sessions that deal with the importance of the Steward’s role.

Grievance handling, union orientation, mobilizing the membership and the importance of monitoring and enforcing the Union Contract are among the issues discussed.

The training sessions have been conducted by President Cassandra A. Berrocal, Secretary-Treasurer Shaun Kavanagh and Recorder Costello Dash as part of the Union’s effort to maximize the strength of the union. These initiatives have produced a more knowledge group of Stewards who are better prepared to service the members they represent.

During these training sessions emphasis is put on the critical importance of securing the facts before presenting a grievance to the company. Another important feature of the training sessions emphasized that the Union Steward is the voice and the face of the Union on the job. Stewards are a source of information about the Union Contract and about the terms and conditions of employment.

The importance of the union contract and its many clauses is highlighted throughout the sessions, along with the fact that the Local 3 Contract with Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, first negotiated in 1938, continues to be a model in the entire department store industry.

COMMENTARY by Berrocal & Kavanagh
The holiday season gives each of us an opportunity to be thankful for our blessings and to make resolutions to improve our life and our future. We celebrate this season in many ways. Some of us celebrate Christmas, some of us Hanukah and some of us celebrate Kwanza, but all of us celebrate the joys of living and pray for peace on earth

Union members throughout the world can add their union membership to the list of blessings because the labor union movement is a mission designed to improve the lives of all working people. Labor unions struggle each day on behalf of working men and women by negotiating contracts and participating in political activity.

In the political arena, unions lobby for full employment programs; jobs that pay a living wage; justice and fairness on the job; quality healthcare for all; affordable housing and a clean environment.

We thank each of you for your continued support throughout the year. We want to give special thanks to the Union Stewards and Executive Board Members who are pledged to protect the rights of all members of Local 3.

We sincerely wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and prosperity in the coming year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza.

In Union Solidarity