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Contract Negotiations Update

April 4, 2017


Contract Negotiations Update



To all Local 3 Union members:

          Contract time is here again, we can all see this because the Company has once again presented a terrible list of demands to your Union negotiation committee.  You have probably already heard of what the Company wants to take away from you.  Things like Seniority protections, layoff protections, and of course they want to take away your pension.

During these negotiations it is the Union that will be fighting to keep what we have and to get you a real wage increase with decent Medical benefits.  It is the Company that will be fighting to deny you a real wage increase and to reduce your benefits.  IT IS FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHO TO LISTEN TO: the side that is fighting for you, or the side that is fighting against you?

We are asking everyone to do a few things to stay properly informed.

1)                Make sure that you attend all Local 3 Union meetings.

2)                Make sure that you check the (Local 3 United Storeworkers) Facebook page to stay up to date on what is happening.

3)                Make sure that you stay in contact with your Union representative and communicate about Company directed rumors, misinformation, and fliers.

4)                Make sure you communicate to your supervisor or manager who questions you about the contract negotiations, that you want a real wage increase and a good medical plan that provides decent benefits at an affordable cost and that you totally support YOUR Union during this contract negotiation process.

5)                Make sure you fill out and return to the Local 3 office a contact information sheet with your cell phone number and email address.

6)                Always remember that it is YOUR CONTRACT and YOUR LIVELIHOOD that are at stake during these contract negotiations.

7)                Any questions or concerns speak with your Union representative or call the Local 3 Union office directly at 212-371-6230





Your Local 3 Contract Negotiation Committee