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Company Proposal Explanation

April 10, 2017

Company Proposal Explanation


To all Local 3 Union members:

The Company proposals are posted on the Local 3 Facebook and the Local 3 website for you to review.  However the Company’s proposals can be confusing, so here is a brief description of what the Company is really looking to take away from you in just a few of their proposals.


Company Proposal # 2, seeks to remove protections from the Company flooding the floor with employees in Draw vs Commission Departments.


Company Proposal # 3, seeks to remove seniority rights for everyone and have layoffs based on a low PDR score for sales and non-selling.


Company Proposal # 5, seeks to remove vacation carry over to the next year, so you will either use your vacation each year or you LOSE IT.


Company Proposal # 6, seeks to remove compensatory days for working on the Holiday.


Company Proposal # 10, seeks to bypass progressive discipline and fire employees who are in deficit easier.


Company Proposal # 11, seeks to eliminate funding for the SWSP Medical & Sick Day Benefit fund.


Company Proposal # 13, seeks to remove protections for Union members against being converted from Base plus commission to Draw vs Commission.


Company Proposal # 15, seeks to DISCONTINUE your RETIREMENT pension plan.


ONE UNION ONE FIGHT!!!!!!!    Let the Company know that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the contract you deserve.


Any questions or concerns speak with your Union representative or call the Local 3 office directly at 212-371-6230




Your Local 3 Contract Negotiation Committee